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Invest in VADE Nutrition
VADE Nutrition is redefining the nutritional supplement industry by making nutrition convenient & portable with pre-measured servings, wrapped in a dissolvable food-grade film.


Investment Highlights

VADE Nutrition has $20M+ in revenue; maintaining a growth rate of 1,523% over the last 3 years, & is a 2-time winner of the Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies. Ranked in the top 12 for all health companies.

Retail Presence

VADE’s success led to space in 8,000+ retail locations including top retailers like – GNC, Hy-Vee, CVS & more. Additionally, VADE has secured multi-million dollar licensing deals & established global distributors.

Founder's Success

VADE’s founder, Joe Johnson, landed a deal on ABC’s Shark Tank & was listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2022. VADE’s products are viral by nature, generating 500M+ views on social media & 8,000+ 5-Star reviews.

Convenient Nutrition For Active Lifestyles

Convenient Nutrition

At VADE Nutrition, we are shaking up the nutritional supplement industry by prioritizing many consumers' #1 concern: convenience. Whether you are an elite athlete or a bustling soccer mom, life is demanding and we all need high-quality nutrition that fits easily into our lifestyle. We believe the solution is simple; by pre-measuring every serving in a dissolvable food-grade film, we can make high-quality, convenient nutrition available to everyone. Just toss in a pack, shake, and enjoy a delicious, nutritious drink wherever you go.

When Joe, our founder, made a big splash on Shark Tank we only had one product line, which was our dissolvable whey isolate protein packs. This game-changer in the fitness world caught the Sharks' attention and led to a deal on the show with Mark Cuban and A-Rod. Riding the wave of this success, we expanded beyond our original chocolate and vanilla flavors, introducing a variety of tastes to cater to diverse preferences. But we didn't stop there. We recently launched three exciting product lines: a Plant-Based Meal Replacement, Pre-Workout, and Collagen + MCT Oil. As we continue to create and deliver innovative product solutions, we remain focused on our goal to ensure that no matter one's lifestyle, we've got their nutritional needs covered.
Product Expansion

VADE products have quickly gained momentum, reaching thousands of retail locations, spurring +10X sales growth, leading to $20 million in sales - all in three short years! VADE has also earned recognition from multiple prestigious entities including Inc 500 and Forbes 30 Under 30. Not to mention, we even secured a deal from Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez on ABC's Shark Tank!

Fun Fact

"VADE" is a Latin term meaning "to go, fade, or vanish," perfectly reflecting our brand. Our products are designed for on-the-go convenience, and they vanish when dropped in liquid, aligning with our mission: to lead in innovation by delivering delicious, high-quality, convenient nutrition for people in any and all stages of life.


High Quality, Portable Nutrition Without Sacrificing Taste. Our founder, Joe Johnson, a high-caliber athlete and former Captain of the Michigan State University Wrestling team, faced the daily inconveniences of traditional protein powders. Wrestling with the mess and hassle of pre-measuring protein powder into plastic bags or lugging around bulky tubs, he encountered the same problems many of us have dealt with for years. Alternatives like ready-to-drink shakes offered little relief and their convenience was offset by high costs, adverse environmental impacts, and excessive preservatives.

Experiencing these widespread industry challenges first hand, Joe saw an amazing opportunity where others just saw the status quo. Recognizing the broader market need and driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, he embarked on a mission to modernize nutritional supplementation - moving beyond temporary fixes like pre-measured baggies to a more sustainable, effective solution.

Enter VADE Nutrition's game-changing innovation: Dissolvable 100% Whey Isolate Protein Packs. Reimagining the concept of protein supplements, each serving is encased in a dissolvable food-grade film, made up of the same ingredients commonly used in vitamin capsules. This pioneering design seamlessly combines quality, portability, and taste; catering to the active lifestyle of modern consumers while providing a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional options.


Proven Traction & Diversified, Expansive Revenue Streams. The convenience and portability of our products, mixed with high-quality and great taste, has built viral excitement and acceptance from our industry. We’ve had the opportunity to experience this excitement firsthand, as the Title Sponsor for The Arnold Classic, one of the largest Fitness Expos in the world. We’ve had the chance to engage directly with our customers and hear why they love VADE so much, as well as connect with industry leaders, including Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

Global Market Analysis

We believe our blend of high-quality and convenience, coupled with VADE’s broad market appeal, positions us to seize a substantial share of the global nutritional supplements market. A market valued at a staggering $381.47 billion in 2022, with forecasts projecting a CAGR of 6.3% from 2023 to 2030.

VADE Innovation

*Source. We aspire to redefine the nutritional supplement industry. According to our research, we’ve introduced the first and only pre-measured servings of nutritional supplements encased in a dissolvable food-grade film, merging high-quality nutrition with unmatched convenience and portability.


Join Us In the Future of Nutrition & Healthier Lifestyles. Our goal is simple: to make high-quality nutrition easily accessible to everyone. We believe we’ve revolutionized the industry with our dissolvable packs of nutritional supplements, and this is just the beginning.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with VADE Products

As we set our sights on further disruption of the market, our key objectives include expanding into emerging markets, research and development of innovative product lines, and bolstering our marketing efforts to increase brand awareness on a global scale.

We're not just seeking an investment; we're offering an opportunity. Your commitment isn't just fueling our expansion — it's securing a stake in a future industry leader.

Customer Reviews

We are excited to partner together to shape the future of nutrition and promote healthier lifestyles. Invest in VADE today and be a part of the journey to redefine the rules of convenient, high-quality nutrition for generations to come.

Thank you for considering an investment in VADE Nutrition. Together, we can redefine nutrition for active lifestyles.