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Chocolate is the best flavor!

I have had subscriptions for vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors. Chocolate is by far the best! I mean all are delicious, but the chocolate tastes exactly like a chocolate milkshake and is so smooth and creamy. The highlight of my day is my protein shake and it also is a huge help for curbing sweets cravings!

The Best...

I wont do a workout without them now.. They really get the juices flowing and the workout begins with a bang!!!

The shirt was great… the vade protein was delicious, not big on Vanilla, but will try and blend it with strawberries and bananas. I ordered the combo mix versus the full chocolate, however i made sure to change it for the next deleivery.

Fill well and healthy

The chocolate taste taste so good and it's really helping me iam losing weight I fill so great


Dissolves good. Yummy taste. Now my husband is stealing mine!!!

Great pre workout!!

Blue razz pre workout actually works!! I am able to push through my MMA workout with a much clearer head. My trainer actually complemented me today on my work! Never happened before..I think its the vade blue razz! Thanks for having a great idea that actually is a great product.


Nice shirt and good product

The best free tees

The shirts are awesome. I’m tall and the fit is perfect!!

I Choose you <3

That's WHEY was amazing , i really really love this smell <3

I love "chocolate milkshake" very much <3


Seriously, this has it all, the nutritional value, the taste, the packaging. The absolute best, hands down.

Absolutely perfect

Lovin my VADE T-SHIRT and Blender Bottle!!!! Thanks VADE!!!!

Absolutely perfect

Lovin my new VADE T-SHIRT!!!!

Tastes like a strawberry shake

I blend it with ice and 8 oz of oat milk delicious!!!!! Tastes like a strawberry milkshake


These are so simple to use and taste so great!! I’ve tried it with water and with unsweetened almond milk and fruit !! Best protein shakes I’ve ever had! Better than a regular too! The shirt is so comfortable!! Thank you !

Hello delicious

So good!!!

Love My Shirt....

Great shirt. the fit is perfect and the white over green is awesome..

My breakfast shake

I love the VADE 100% WHEY ISOLATE PROTEIN! I drop a pack into the blender with some ice, yogurt, milk, almonds, frozen fruit, banana, and peanut butter. 3 glasses of this and I’m good until a light lunch. The best part is it’s super tasty and I even had one just with a glass of milk. So good! Not chalky at all and the packaging means zero mess!

New User!

the shirt is a great fit and a great way to show support for a awesome product

My favorite meal of the day!

I am a busy mom of 4 and the meal replacement is perfect for me to drink when I am on the go! The taste is great and I love mixing it with coconut or oatmilk. So happy I found VADE!

VADE T-shirt fits well & is true to size

Can’t ask for more than that in a T-shirt!

Soft and comfy

Love this shirt! Soft and comfy for wear anywhere.

Seriously, this is the BEST protein I’ve EVER had!

I got a few testers and I can’t believe how good they all taste! No chalky taste, No bad after taste! 0 sugars, can’t beat that! I’ve had plenty of proteins, and I could never find one with little sugar and lower in protein till now! If you’re looking for a lean protein, this is it! I can’t wait to order and try more!

Huge fan

Love the protein. Both vanilla & chocolate ♥️


Works great, very convienent

Great protein

VADE protein pods are a delicious and convenient way to get your protein in whether you’re in a hurry or not. So easy to travel with!