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Great flavor & easy to use!

Dissolved really quick without clumping, great flavor, & didn't feel the need to snack at all in the afternoon!

Great high protein option

Tried the vanilla, others tried the chocolate and all of us were impressed. It mixes easily in either water or milk and tastes good either way also. It's a great option for a high protein, on-the-go drink before or after a workout. I highly recommend this product!

Delicious and convenient!

My son is a firefighter and he takes these to the station!

We loved it!

Thought the dissolving package was awesome and convenient! Loved the flavor. Looking forward to sharing it with our members.


Easy to use convenience of the individual packets able to mix with water is great. Tried it and love both chocolate & vanilla.

I feel like a model ;-)

Comfy shirt, fits so well!! Best women’s T I’ve ever worn! Fits perfect in all the right places! ❤️


Good protein! I love the convenience of it being nagged and not having to scoop or make a mess and it taste great too!

This protein LOVES us, we LOVE this protein!

My husband and I have been using VADE for the last week, I have been making a smoothie with the vanilla for breakfast, and a chocolate for lunch after my workout. He has been doing a chocolate with his breakfast.
Honestly- we have noticed a difference in our bodies! They are happy with us, because we are feeding it more of what makes it happy.
We stay fuller, longer, we are more “regular” 😋, and we just feel good!! Plus- NO MESS!
I’ll never use another protein!

Thanks VADE! We appreciate you!


Taste is good, convenient, easy and delicious

Vade Whey Isolate Protein Shake

the order was received in a timely manner and we love the product!


My boyfriend and I always make it a goal to do different trick shots into our shaker cups with VADE every day after our workout and it’s so fun😂

100% Whey Isolate Protein


Cafe is the best powder drink I have used. Has a great taste and love that there are no carbs.

Great service got the order sooner than I expected it. I will order again.

Vade Nutrition premium shaker bottle

This shake bottle is the right size for mixing two “scoops” of my favorite Vade protein (chocolate) with 16 oz of skim milk for a quick after workout shake.

Best Shaker Bottle!

This is one of the few Shaker bottles that mixes everything completely & quickly!

Love the product!

Vade shakers are high quality and I like representing the product!

Everyone really loved the sample packs and especially the no mess packets. We have ordered more of the larger packages.

VADE combo packs

The flavor and convenience is very good - especially with milk. :)

From a bariatric patient

I'm a 76 year old who placed my first order the day after you guys were on Shark Tank in November. Congratulations on the product, its taste and its ease of use. Wish that there was more fiber content in it but taking supplements to offset the difference.Thank you for the product.

Customer service

Great product and excellent service
Thank you

Great Taste

The Taste is very good and it blends well with water one milk

VADE protein

Best tasting protein out there!

100% Whey Isolate Protein

Tastes Great

This is the best Protein Drink I have ever tasted! It's so hard to choose between chocolate or vanilla because they both taste so Great. This is my go to Protein when I need the Extra Boost. I've got to watch my VADE Shaker Bottle so no one takes it ❗