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Overall excellent, very easy to use and makes things simpler. Was introduced from a monthly subscription box

Great purchase

Convenient, affordable, and tastes great. Shaker is also durable. Great all around purchase.

New favorite protein

I recently just got back into protein and going to the gym and couldn’t decide which protein to go with. Then a VADE ad popped on Instagram (creepy) and I decided why not.
Best case: I love it.
Worst case: I spent $30 on a protein i could hide in smoothies if it went terrible.

Definitely best case. It’s some of the best dissolving protein I’ve used and I honestly love the flavor. The vanilla is superior (in my opinion) so when I order more I probably won’t get the combo pack but I’ll definitely be getting more. It’s so convenient for someone who doesn’t like having to scoop out of a jar and it arrived in the mail way quicker than I expected. Do yourself a favor and try this.

Awesome product!

I've had Vade for about a week and it's a great supplement. It shakes mostly well, better in water than in milk but it doesn't settle and once it gets dissolved in milk it tastes amazing. Highly recommended.

Awesome protein

I like the protein pods idea. Really convenient and keto friendly. Definitely will recommend. Taste is alright could have been better like more flavor but it’s okay.

Really is delicious

The chocolate really is the BEST tasting protein powder I have ever had by far. The vanilla is good to but its better when paired with blueberries, strawberries, etc. Finally a instagram commercial is as good as advertised

Picky Husband is HAPPY!

My husband is very specific when it comes to his protein powder especially when it comes to the taste. He is very happy with VADE & it’s price is awesome too!

Love this product!

First of all, the product is extremely easy to use since the protein dissolves right in your water or milk. I’ve tried several protein powders and this is by far my favorite just because of the taste alone! Both flavors have more of a rich flavor to them so it doesn’t taste so bland. Definitely will purchase again!

Good shake but a little too sweet

I wish you would make one with no sweetener so that we can add our favorite sweetener in the amount that we like.

Excellent product!!!

Drinking shakes with both chocolate and vanilla was very delicious! It would be nice to add a new flavor such as strawberry. Good job, VADE team!

Awesome Product

Love the product.

for Africa

We sent these to our son living in Côte d’Ivoire Africa as it is difficult for him to get anything close to a balanced diet and there’s never enough protein sources.

Easy to digest!

A lot of protein powder hurts my stomach, but this is easy to digest and tastes good!

Vade order

Great stuff definitely going to keep it on subscription

easy on the go, good taste

easy on the go, good taste I love the vanilla.I would be 100% sold if the price point was alittle lower!

Delicious and convenient

These pods are great! They taste good in water, juice, and coffee. There are so many different ways to drink them and it good to know that I am drinking something healthy to replace my snack instead of eating junk.

Best protein powder

I purchased the combo back I’m giving 4 stars cause the vanilla is overbearing, not sure if it’s just my taste buds but I’ll have to choke down the vanilla or give it away. The chocolate with almond milk is my absolute favorite. There’s no gritty ness, no weird texture, and the flavor is just like a milkshake. I’ve had the chocolate every day and have already purchased more of the just chocolate bags.

100% Whey Isolate Protein


Tastes amazing and so easy to use! I will repurchase!!


Vade protein is easy to use and tastes delicious!

Great protein shake

Dissolves so easily and is very tasty! Tried with water and milk. Both are good.

Tasted really good!!


Taste good I got the half and half bag also the convenience of not having to clean up mess is great good product overall

Shipped to a Deployed Soldier

Unable to provide more specific review other than the convenience of the pre-packaged amount will be a major convenience. Thank you