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I wish I would have found this product years ago. Thank you VADE for making my life easier and more yummy!

Love the flavor!

I absolutely love the ease of this protein powder but above all, IT TASTE AMAZING!!!

Excellent product

This protein is the best. No mess and super easy to mix

Favorite Vade Flavor

After trying most of the other flavors, hands down, the cappuccino protein powder is my favorite! Still made with great nutritional numbers with regards to sugar, carbs and protein, you get a stand alone cappuccino flavor that I like best to start my mornings. My year old grandson gives a resounding approval and my three year old granddaughter loves helping me make the smoothie. Thanks for a great tasting and filling product!

Maisie Jackman
You Need to Try This!!

At first, I was nervous to try it, especially since they are extreme packs! The sour gummy is my favorite flavor of the two! My brother also very much approves! I would recommend having food in your stomach before you intake these pre-workout packs, but overall I love having these before a workout!

Rita Tripp
Excellent product

Love the ease , throw it in milk or water . You have it taste great. Simply excellent.!

Delicious, efficient, and cost effective

I bought the Chocolate, Vanilla, and strawberry flavors and they all taste good. None of the flavors have a chalky taste like many protein powders can tend to have, which is fantastic. The vanilla flavor is too sweet for my liking so I add an extra cup of milk or water and it’s perfect. The strawberry powder flavor reminds me of Nesquake’s strawberry milk which I LOVE. The shakes are incredibly easy to make and a great time saver in the morning.

I love that Vade vacuum seals the individual packets in the bag so they don’t break, which was a complaint I saw some people have, presumably before they started vacuum sealing.

Cost wise, you’re essentially getting a protein shake for $1.20-$1.30 per powder packet. That’s a steal for me considering the packets are 90cal, 20g of protein, sugar free, lactose free, AND a high quality protein!?

When you close the lid on the bottle to shake it, press down hard and slightly tilt it as if you’re pouring it to make sure no liquid comes out/that the lid is completely closed.


My search is over

I’ve been looking for a good tasting protein powder with a dependable company behind it and I found it in Vade. My search is over. So easy to use and great tasting (I’ve only tried chocolate milkshake). I’m glad I have my subscription set up.

Packages busting but Great Customer Service

I have received 3 of these orders now. (one Vanilla, one chocolate, and one cappuccino). I loved them all, but the most recent one, cappuccino, had like half of the films busted. It is a little annoying since I mainly wanted these was to "easy proportion" my protein. I still like them a lot, the flavor and all, but I wish it was still intact.

Update: After posting this, I got contacted the next day by the Customer Service Department, and they did a great job trying to make it right. A+ Company.

Solid Shaker Bottle

The bottle is easy to open and close so you don't make a mess. Not all of them are this easy! The shaker ball is helpful in moving the powder around for a smooth shake without lumps!


Finally…A protein powder that doesn’t make me sick!!!

I Have bought numerous different brands of protein powders and they all gave me the same reaction nausea and an upset stomach. I was hesitant to try Vade but I said I’ll give it a go! And let me tell you this is the best protein powder I have ever had I don’t get any nausea or upset stomach after drinking and the flavor is actually nice and light not heavy I will definitely be buying my protein powders from here from now on! Thank you so much for such a great product!

Pre workout

love the protein packs and easy to use on the go! However the pre workout packs were super disappointing and don’t taste good at all. Leaves a weird aftertaste and has a bad smell when drinking it. I love energy/pre workout drinks on the way or while working out. But not in this case.

Love this

The bottle blend is amazing it holds alot of liquids enought to make two shakes at once. The wire ball does great at blending the shakes perfectly.

Leslie Bartolomei
Love my protein shakes!!

I truly enjoy the protein shakes. They do not taste chalky, but taste great and filling. I enjoy the strawberry flavor and of course my favorite chocolate. Yummy.
I do not feel bloated and the best part of is only 90calories, 20g of protein, gluten free, portable, mess free. Love it 😍.

Love Your Protein

The protein pouches are perfect! Wish these came out years ago. They also taste amazing!!

Unisex VADE Hoodie
Roy Miner
Great Hoodies!!!

Love my Vade Nutrition Hoodie. It quickly became my favorite hoodie. I wear it every day. Warm and comfortable. And the sizing was perfect. I completely enjoy it!

I love all of the VADE NUTRITION Products!!!

I absolutely love VADE NUTRITION!!! I started with the starter pack. Since then I've purchased the 30 day subscription and the t-shirt and hoodie. The protein powder is so convenient and I love that it's premeasured. Just pop it in the shaker and you're done. The hoodie and T-shirt are awesome. The fit is perfect. Thank you.

Convenience in a protein pouch!

Absolutely love how convenient it is to use and how there's basically no mess with this product. Great taste and value. Looking forward to ordering more.

Love this Protein

Been using protein shakes my whole adult life.. This is by far the simplest and best tasting protein i've had.

Paula Davidson


Christopher Gaines

Works as expected!!

Christopher Gaines
Works/use favorite beverage....

So I decided to try there blue pre mix since I been using there protein bags for like 4yrs and found out although it works I had to use my favorite beverage instead of water and let it dissolve in that. It worked great

Is excellent

I love it
I wished you guy’s didn’t used sucralose and your other shakes and use stevia that is natural t
That will make it perfect 👍🏼 🫀💪🤙