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Great flavor, easy to use, highly recommend

I was sick of getting pre-workout powder all over my counter and clothes, then I found VADE and I am obsessed! They happened to have my favorite flavor of pre-workout and I highly recommend to everyone to use their products!

First try

Both vanilla and chocolate flavor delicious, no after taste. Easy to bring with you anywhere you go! Pre workout also delicious, no jitters!! Loved it all and will go back for more!


Shirt was perfect fit! Love the logo and color!! Shaker bottle was true Blender Bottle!! Top quality!!

Best Protein; Trainer approved!!!

By far the nest protein i’ve had!!! Hate mixing proteins with water and honestly this is the first protein I enjoy with only water. 10/10 recommend and 10/10 practicle and mess free. Chocolates my favorite!


I will say that in my several years of taking protein, VADE is some of the best tasting on the market. Not only do I love supporting small local businesses and cool new startups, but the product delivers! The convenience is unmatched and the flavor is mind-blowing. Hats off the the company and all the people who make it work! :)

Best Protein Mix Ever

So I thought this was so weird to have them in packets like this but honestly, SO MUCH MORE CONVENIENT. I'm not a fan of the chocolate flavor much but that's because I'm not a big chocolate protein fan. The vanilla though! It's amazing!!! I'm addicted. It was such a nice flavor, not powdery or chalky like others. My new fave.

Very convenient

I love the pods! I mix with my coffee in the morning and it keeps me going through out the day. Taste great too😋

Love the product!

Vade shakers are high quality and I like representing the product!

Chocolate is the Best!

I use this as a substitute for mid-morning snacking and I'm very satisfied. I have tried vanilla before but the chocolate is the best in my opinion. I usually just mix with water but I'm going to try almond milk tomorrow.

Easy and delicious!

These are the best tasting whey I’ve tried. Also the convenience is really helpful. No messy powder all over. My teenage son loves these and it makes me happy knowing he got something decent in his belly. I keep them in a jar on the counter and he can grab them for breakfast or after he gets home from practice.

Protien powder raises the bar

Vade has raised the bar on protien! Simply drop, pour and shake! I add fruit to kick it up a notch, but the flavor is amazing, not chalky or gritty. Oh, and did I mention Vade's AH-MAZING Customer Service? Top notch!!!!

best protein isolate I’ve tasted in my entire life. The vanilla flavor is the dopest.

Unsurpassed Quality & Convenience

Received my third order of VADE 100% Whey Isolate Protein. The Customer service, product quality and convenience remain top notch helping me maintain 6+ HIIT workouts a week and 7 percent body fat.

Great Quality Protein

This product features a high quality protein in an individualized pod. A unique and great tasting supplement for those on the go. I'm going to continue using the product and would recommend trying It out. Definitely on to something with this.

Great taste!

The best chocolate protein I've ever had!
I asked for this for my bday and my mother in law stepped up. I'm very pleased with this product and proud to support a Spartan and his family! Keep making great products and following through on your promises and Ill never go anywhere else. GO GREEN!

Randy Kibilko


This protein is so DELICIOUS and so EASY! The pods are absolutely great and completely dissolve! This is great for one because I’m always on the go and don’t have time to measure protein powder!

just mixed my first dose

just mixed my first dose for an hour of pickleball Monday afternoon.the taste was better than expected.cold water is all you need.a lid on your cup helps.being a whey protein drinker for 24 yrs.this is nice and muss no fuss.if 20 grams is not enough add a few ounces of water and a second bag.good job for MSU alumni.

This stuff tastes amazing and

This stuff tastes amazing and is super convenient!

I'm in love! Low Calories.

I'm in love! Low Calories. Low carbs! Great taste! Thank you!! Love the "on the go" convenience!!

I loved them! I was

I loved them! I was really skeptical, but they dissolved completely and tasted great. I travel for work and these are easy to pack and take with me.

This product is GENIUS! Not

This product is GENIUS! Not to mention it tastes great. 20 grams protein, 90 calories, 0 sugar, and 3.8 grams of bcaa. The 100% food grade ingredient pouch DISSOLVES which I adore. No more open baggies of protein all over everything in my carry on!! Great product VADE Nutrition!

Received this in my Miss

Received this in my Miss Musclebox and love it! Soooo much more convenient and better tasting than other proteins I have tried! It doesn’t have that chalky taste that others have!

When you get home after

When you get home after a long weekend and you have a package from @vadenutrition with your 30ct combo packs!!!! 

FINALLY! Dissolvable protein scoops, perfect

FINALLY! Dissolvable protein scoops, perfect for on the go :ok_hand::muscle:

Really love these dissolvable protein

Really love these dissolvable protein packs. I throw a bunch of them in a zip lock and boom it's all measured and counted for the days I need it (specially when I travel!). Just throw it in your shaker, pour some water and shake. No mess and no need finding the scoop. Even my dog approves