VADE Nutrition
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About Us

Born from a quest for convenience and quality, Joe Johnson founded VADE Nutrition on the belief that nutrition should be easy and accessible for everyone. Tired of the mess and hassle of nutritional supplements, we developed our unique Dissolvable Packs - pre-measured servings of nutritional supplements individually wrapped in a dissolvable, food-grade film.

I always say that people first try our products for convenience, but they come back for the quality and the taste. It’s our mission to make sure that each one of our products is developed with the core focus of making them the highest quality and best tasting products on the market.

Our journey hasn't been without challenges, but each one helped us grow and become more in tune with our customers' needs. Throughout our journey, we’ve been fortunate enough to have had opportunities like being on ABC’s Shark Tank, Forbes 30 Under 30, and Inc 500 for being one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the country. Today, VADE is recognized across the country, with our products available at numerous major retailers. But our success is not just in the numbers – it's in the lives we touch daily with our convenient, high-quality nutrition solutions. We exist to serve you, and we're committed to making a real difference - one Dissolvable Pack at a time.