NBA Player Turned Investor

VADE x Steve Francis

Former NBA Player, Steve “Franchise” Francis, recently invested in the fastest growing company in the nutrition/supplement industry. 

VADE Nutrition is an innovative nutrition supplement company based out of Metro Detroit (Wixom, MI). They are the first and only company to create dissolvable protein and pre-workout packs- made by athletes, for athletes.

VADE’s Founder, Joe Johnson, a South Lyon native and Michigan State University student-athlete alumni, was recently named in Forbes Magazine's "30 Under 30" list of the brightest young entrepreneurs, leaders, and stars of 2022. Joe and his wife, Megan, were also featured on Shark Tank in 2018, where they landed a deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez.  

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The Sharks fall in love with the products and are shocked by how good they actually taste. Joe & Megan walk out with an investment from Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez.

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Now, another familiar name in the sports industry joins the VADE family as an investor. Steve “Franchise” Francis, the 2nd overall pick of the 1999 NBA Draft, 3x NBA All-Star, and NBA Rookie of the Year, is now focusing on his business investments and added VADE Nutrition to his portfolio. Steve Francis is also expected to be a brand ambassador for the company, upholding to VADE’s mission of being “for athletes, by athletes”.

In his post NBA career, Steve Francis is focused on being a businessman and entrepreneur. 

In addition to his business accomplishments and investments, Steve also has The Steve Francis Foundation where he actively gives back to at-risk youth by providing recreational and educational opportunities.

“Steve is an awesome asset, and an incredible person. We are honored to have him on Team VADE and see the positive impact that he is going to make.” says CEO Joe Johnson.

"With traveling and training, VADE is not only a great product but keeps me pushing." -Steve “Franchise” Francis

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