Giving Back to Our Community

Giving Back to Our Community

We are so blessed to be able to donate over 12,000 lbs of our protein powder to the Greater Lansing Food Bank. We are told that it will be dispersed to multiple other food banks to feed up to 200,000 people in the state of Michigan. They will use our protein powder to put in pancakes, cookies, oatmeal and much much more, to add nutrition to every day dishes. This is why we do what we do.

This story started back in March, 2017 when we manufactured over 12,000 lbs of protein powder that would be used in our official launch following our presence at the Arnold Fitness Classic. Unfortunately, the protein did not turn out to be quality of taste that we were expecting and that our customers were promised. We ended up having to take a huge loss on it since it was already manufactured, but instead of throwing it out we had a better idea. What we thought was going to take us under, only caused us to come out stronger. We rerouted, didn't give up, learned from our mistakes and turned this huge loss for us into a huge blessing for others. Donating our products to feed those in need is one of the the main reasons we started this company, so when founder Joe Johnson came up with the idea to give all 12,000 lbs of protein powder to the Greater Lansing Food Bank, we jumped at the thought, and partnered with our church to get the contacts to make it happen.

Although the protein powder didn't taste "perfect" and match the flavor that our customers were expecting, the taste is definitely still good enough to drink with water or milk, and to be used to bake with, add to oatmeal, coffee, etc. and it will be used at the Food Bank in many every day dishes to add much needed protein and nutrition to those in need.

We have learned valuable lessons from this experience and we couldn't be happier to use it to bless others. We went on and perfected our protein powder to create the best tasting product for our customers, which we launched just a few months later in July. Although this experience was a huge struggle for us as a company, we wouldn't go back and change a thing, because it will now be used to help feed up to 200,000 people in need all throughout the state of Michigan. Which makes it all worth it.

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