Why would I use a whey isolate protein supplement?

People most commonly associate protein supplementation with bodybuilders, strength competitors and high level athletes. Some people may recognize protein supplementation as something used by the medical field as an integral addition to elderly patient’s diet regimen. Fewer may recognize protein supplementation as a preemptive measure to combat muscle degeneration and tissue damage.

It’s been documented that many of our diets are protein deficient. While this deficiency seems unlikely considering the prevalence of the meat-heavy American diet, many studies have shown that the protein that we do take in is frequently accompanied by many wasteful and damaging ingredients (processed sugars, linoleic acids).

Increased protein intake has been shown to promote tissue repair, muscle growth and to encourage illness recovery. So in reality, whey protein isolate supplementation offers substantial benefits to most everyone.

Protein isolate supplementation (specifically whey protein isolate) has been shown to provide the fastest protein absorption rate, when compared to standard food protein intake. Fast absorption rate means the maximum amount of protein molecules enter the bloodstream, and are delivered to damaged, or recovering cells, without being passed through the digestive system as waste.

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