Weight loss and whey protein

Weight loss, at its core, comes down to “calories in'' vs “calories out”. A calorie is a unit of energy. Our bodies need calories to function and we harvest calories from food in the form of sugars, fats and proteins. This is a rudimentary explanation, but when we take in more calories than we use to function, the leftover energy is stored as backup energy in the form of body fat.

You will not lose weight just because you are taking in more protein. However, studies have confirmed that higher protein intake increases metabolic rate and encourages calorie usage and fat burning.

Scientific research has concluded that consuming higher amounts of protein releases anorexigenic gastrointestinal peptides- the chemicals that tell your hypothalamus that you have taken in enough energy from food. This causes the body to feel more satiated (not hungry) while consuming proteins rather than when consuming maltodextrins (Carbs and sugars). So, you eat less, or consume fewer calories, which allows your body to use the calories you have consumed rather than storing them as backup energy.

Exercise can NOT be overlooked. An active body learns to use energy. An active body which takes in more protein more consistently teaches the metabolism some important lessons:

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