2022 Pricing Update

While VADE Nutrition has become one of the fastest growing nutrition supplement companies in the world, we are still a family owned company who strives to continue to provide our customers with new products, and grow our company in every way possible. Getting our customers the most convenient, highest quality nutrition at the most affordable price has always been of the utmost importance to us! Because of this, we operate on very lean margins when compared to other supplement companies, in order to keep our products accessible and affordable to everyone.

The recent worldwide supply chain shortages have caused a dramatic increase in the cost of raw materials, production, and shipping for most powdered supplement companies. While our raw material costs have nearly doubled since early 2021, we have worked creatively to keep our website product prices within their expected price-point. Instead of trying to change our formula, we decided that WILL NOT compromise the quality of our protein powder.

Inevitably, we have had to make some tough decisions in order to ensure that VADE continues to produce the high-quality products that our customers know and love.

We want to do our best to protect our customers from the economic pressures we are absorbing. For this reason, we will be waiting until the new-year to increase our prices by a small percentage.

We thank you for your understanding and for your support of our family owned business. We look forward to providing more of your favorite products for years to come.

JoeJohnson Joe Johnson
CEO, President