VADE Nutrition’s 100% Plant-Based Protein

VADE Nutrition’s 100% Plant-Based Protein

What a re-leaf… VADE now offers Plant-Based Dissolvable Protein Packs!

VADE Nutrition’s 100% Plant-Based Protein is an all-in-one Meal Replacement made from Pea Protein, Brown Rice, Chicory Root Fiber and an Organic Power Greens Blend. Packed with 26 essential vitamins and minerals, it is a great source of Fiber, Antioxidants, Prebiotics and Clean Fats. VADE 100% Plant Protein is naturally sweetened, made from only the highest quality ingredients and is lactose free, gluten free and sugar free, with a deliciously creamy taste!

As a meal replacement, this protein can be consumed in place of a meal to provide lower calories, high protein intake and other essential nutrients from veggies and greens, to assist with weight management and the building or maintaining of lean muscle.

Not only does this high quality meal replacement taste great, but our convenient dissolvable film makes it easy to bring your meal with you anywhere! Forget the meal prep and enjoy our delicious and convenient plant based meal replacement anytime - just toss, shake and enjoy!

Many protein-lovers have asked our team what benefits there are to consuming plant-based protein... and we are here to share some with you!

Health Benefits

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reported that plant-based diets and nutrients can reduce the risks of:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Ischemic Heart Disease
  • Hypertension
  • Cancer
  • Obesity

Meal Replacements & Weight Loss

Meal replacement protein is a great addition to diets for those looking to lose weight or manage weight. VADE’s plant-based dissolvable protein packs are intended to substitute for meals, and are packed with vitamins, minerals and greens to ensure a nutrient rich, lower calorie meal option. With busy schedules, and a need for healthy diet options, this is the perfect protein shake for a nutritional meal that's packed with protein and nutrients.

Fiber & Appetite

VADE Nutrition’s 100% Plant-Based Protein is packed with fiber, a nutrient with an inherent ability to keep you feeling full. This is a great addition to your everyday diet to stay full, keep your digestion "regular" and help curb hunger and cravings.

Digestion & Easy Absorption

Many consumers gravitate towards plant-based proteins for its ability to break down and absorb nutrients faster than other proteins. When the body breaks down this protein faster, it accelerates healthy cell growth, and is especially helpful for digestion. Those with slow metabolisms, IBS and bloating often use plant-based protein to process the shake faster while still receiving all the nutrients and protein they need in their day.

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