Traveling and VADE

Hi! My name is Zoey and I am an avid traveler. My husband and I travel a ton (we have also lived in a 50 square foot van, so needless to say, convenience is important to us) and VADE Nutrition’s products have helped us travel with less stress. For starters, the product is TSA safe and approved so we have never had an issue traveling with our VADE. My husband is a pilot and he always makes sure to bring his protein packs with him because they are so portable and easy to use during his long flights. We are also very outdoorsy. Fueling our bodies throughout our long hikes and bike rides has never been a problem since I always keep my shaker bottle and some protein or meal replacement packs with me.

With the new year finally here, I am sure you are all itching to travel as well! While traveling can provide some of life's most precious and valuable moments, it can also bring on unwanted stress. I wanted to take some time to discuss ways to make traveling less stressful, so you can enjoy your vacation more. Here are 5 tips to make your next journey stress free:

I hope you can travel in 2023 and with a little less stress. VADE Nutrition offers a variety of healthy and convenient meals replacements, protein shakes and supplements that make it easy to stay nourished while on the go. With Vade Nutrition, you don’t have to worry about finding healthy food when you’re on the go. Their meals, snacks, and supplements make it easy to stay nourished, even when you’re far. Let us know where you travel to and which VADE product you took along with you.

Safe Travels!

Zoey B.