How to use VADE

How to use VADE

How to use VADE

VADE’s delicious dissolvable protein and pre-workout packs are perfect for meeting your goals!

VADE was designed by athletes to inspire healthy lifestyles through innovative and convenient nutrition, and our products can be used by just about anyone!

With busy schedules, and a desire to meet our fitness goals, we know the importance of finding the perfect protein to fit your lifestyle. VADE is here to help you with a breakdown of HOW and WHEN to use our products.

For Avid Gym-goers:

Step 1: Pre-Workout

Many of our athletes love to drink pre-workout before hitting the gym. If you want to get the most out of your pre-workout, drink it 15-30 minutes before a workout for added pump, energy and focus.

Our low stim pre-workout is designed to fit your needs wherever you’re at, and with 2 packs per serving, you can have a milder option when needed. If you’re not used to taking a pre-workout or if your workout is mostly cardio, then we recommend starting with just one pack and seeing how it feels. If you’re used to high powered pre-workouts and heavy lifting, then you can take between 2 and 4 packs depending on your tolerance level and where you feel best.

Step 2: Post-Workout

VADE 100% Whey Isolate Protein can be used anytime throughout the day, but for athletes looking to make gains at the gym, we have two recommendations: Post-workout for fast muscle recovery or before a workout for added energy and protein to fuel your workout! It’s as simple as dropping a pack into 8-12 oz. of water and shake! Our 100% Whey Isolate is Lactose Free, and highly filtered for fast absorption to aid in muscle recovery, lean muscle building and fat loss.

For The On-The-Go Protein Lover

Whey Isolate & Plant-Based Meal Replacement

With a busy lifestyle, VADE is dedicated to meeting your protein needs in the most convenient way possible. Our Whey Protein dissolvable packs are the perfect midday high protein snack! We also recommend mixing a pack in your blender with milk, fruits, veggies or oatmeal for a meal replacement option!

Need a quick, healthy meal on-the-go? Try our Plant-Based Meal Replacement, that’s packed with a power greens blend, naturally sweetened and made with pea and brown rice protein. This nutrient dense meal replacement shake is ready to go with you wherever you need! Drop it in 12-16 oz of milk or water, shake and go!

For Bariatric Patients

Our dissolvable protein has been approved by Obesity Help as a supplement to take for Bariatric patients. One major component to bariatric patient recovery is planning their postoperative health. Protein consumption is critical for patients undergoing weight loss surgery. Doctors recommend between 60 and 80 grams of protein today, and many patients turn to VADE for healthy, lean protein.

We recommend our 100% Whey Isolate Protein as a supplement to increase protein intake, without the extra carbs and unnecessary calories- it is a great high protein snack replacement! If you are in need of a healthy meal replacement option, our Plant-based meal replacement is a perfect fit to help keep you full for hours, while ensuring you get all of the healthy fats, carbs, protein, greens, vitamins and minerals you need!
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