How to Travel with VADE Efficiently

How to Travel with VADE Efficiently

Attention all travel-lovers: VADE is perfect for your next trip! With its easy, convenient design - we love to have it with us on every trip we take. Protein is an essential part of our diets and nutrition needs, and VADE is perfect for ensuring you have your daily protein and eliminate the mess & hassle of scooping powder out of bulky tubs.

As avid travelers, we also know the importance of having something quick and easy. Beyond the fact that VADE’s dissolvable packs make it as easy as toss, shake and enjoy… we also recognize the need to alleviate the discomforts that come with traveling. As a lactose-free product, VADE is able to solve gut discomfort and bloating that we are all-too-familiar with when traveling.

We are here to give you our VADE travel tips & tricks to make sure you have the best (and smoothest) travel experience possible!

How to Pack It

You can bring VADE multiple ways with you on your travels! If you are only bringing a few scoops with you we suggest making it easy on yourself and carrying in your VADE shaker bottle or water bottle. This ensures protection for your scoops while traveling and minimizes packing needs due to having the water bottle with you both for travel and sustainable drinking water! We have also suggested to customers to bring their scoops in any hard covered travel cases such as tupperware, tubs, jars or anything else you’re bringing on your trip!

Going Through An Airport

Our scoops peak interest and that’s something we know so be prepared if you’re going through security! We suggest having a photo of the packaging or just our website kept in the back of your mind in case any scoops are pulled for questioning or to be swabbed. Although, MANY of us have traveled and never been questioned by security!

Our favorite recipes & ways to drink VADE

VADE is as easy as toss, shake, and enjoy! When we are traveling it’s often hard to add in almond milk or coconut milk to our protein shakes, but luckily - VADE is delicious with just water!

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