What is Whey Isolate?

Protein molecules are generally extracted, for the purpose of use in protein fortified foods, from a few main food sources: Dairy or cow milk (e.g. Whey and Casein), and Plants (e.g. Pea, Soy, Hemp). The isolated molecules are not identical in their structure, therefore, protein isolates derived from different food products come with varying benefits.

Whey proteins are molecules found in cow milk. The protein itself is extracted from the dairy through a series of filtration methods. These filtration methods remove the protein molecules from most of the other dairy compounds. Following the initial filtration, what is left is called “whey concentrate”. Whey concentrate is then continually filtered until the contents of the filtered material are almost solely whey protein molecules- creating “whey isolate”.

In short, whey concentrate is mostly protein molecules, and whey isolate is nearly only protein molecules. No lactose, no fats, and no wasted space.

Whey protein isolate is regarded as the best isolated protein for absorption and digestion. When our bodies take in food, they have a limited time frame in which they can extract nutrients. As the food moves through the digestive system, the faster we can absorb, the better. This is why we choose to use the most pure whey isolate for our products.

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