What is a Meal Replacement?

Meal replacement products are beginning to make a name for themselves in the nutrition world. With the abundance of quick and easy meal options increasing, provided by fast food/chain restaurants and premade “budget meals”, we have started to realize how many of us are simply filling rather than fueling ourselves. There is a well documented correlation between the increased availability of processed ingredients, and the American obesity epidemic. Our digestive systems have become inflamed, due to a lack of microbial gut health, and our endocrine systems have become overwhelmed by an onslaught of indigestible, or unusable, processed sugars and unhealthy oils.

It’s not outrageous to say that most people know they would feel, and operate, better if they gave up processed foods and switched to a diet consisting of untampered, natural foods- but there are two important problems with non-processed foods; They are, typically, expensive and NOT convenient. Consequently, unhealthy processed foods were developed in reaction to these two problems. Now, we can get food “fast” and we can get food “cheap”... But “fast and cheap” usually means there’s going to be a crash down the road.

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